Wax, Wicks & Fragrance

“Look at how a single candle can both defy and define the darkness.”

Anne Frank


Our quality soy candles are hand poured with care and clean burning! 


  • The soy wax we use is made from natural vegetable based soybean oil
  • Soy is a biodegradable, renewable, sustainable resource
  • Paraffin free
  • Clean burning
  • Free of animal derived substances

Candlemazing amazing soy candles and tealights


We use wicks that are constructed from natural flat cotton threads interwoven with paper threads that produce a rigid structure. The consistent flame and slight curl of our wicks work well with natural soy waxes and ensures an even burn.       



We only use fragrances that adhere to standards for safety and purity, and fragrances that are Phthalate Free.

  • We use fragrances that are a combination of natural essential oils and synthetic aroma chemicals.
  • Our fragrances are compatible with the soy wax we use.
  • We also offer unscented soy candles upon request


Blue Orchid - An elegant and relaxing spa blend of soft floral essence and calming notes of jasmine, sweet cream, wood and musk. This fragrance is infused with natural essential oils including orange oil making it slightly fruity.

Caribbean Mist - A masculine masterpiece bold and complex - with the essence of leather, tobacco, amber and musk. The fragrant array of spicy black tea and pepper compliment aged teakwood with tones of patchouli and sandalwood.  Infused with cedarwood, patchouli, black pepper, and pimento berry essential oils, this scent is sure to please.

Citronella - As a natural insect repellent, citronella candles are an effective way to keep pesky mosquitoes away from decks, campsites, and other outdoor areas. Infused with the oil of the citronella plant, this classic scent combines a top note of lemongrass with a bottom note of fresh, clean camphor. This fragrance is infused with with natural essential oils, including citronella.

Egyptian Amber - Egyptian Amber is an alluring, woody fragrance with bold musk aromas. A light touch of jasmine and ozone gives way to a heart of sandalwood, leather, and earthy patchouli. Amber and musk base notes wrap up this mysterious and complex fragrance.  This fragrance is infused with with natural essential oils, including patchouli.

El Chocolate - El Chocolate is an outrageously rich bittersweet chocolate with a hint of walnuts. The note profile includes butter, sugar, cream, chocolate, vanilla and walnuts. A sweet soothing chocolaty fragrance.

Fresh Baked Cinnamon Buns - Be ready for a cinnfully delicious fragrance! This fragrance oil is infused with natural essential oils, including clove. The note profile includes cinnamon, butter, sugar and vanilla cream. Filling the air with home baked goodness.

Holiday - A classic Holiday blend combines orange spice, fir and pine with a touch of earthy smokiness from a cozy fireplace on a chilly winter's night. This fragrance is infused with the essence of natural orange, cinnamon, cloves, vetiver and pine with notes of ginger, cypress, oakmoss, fir and balsam.

Hot Apple PieExperience the nostalgic aromas of a mouthwatering homemade apple pie, straight out of the oven. This scrumptious scent starts with classic pie spices including cinnamon and clove. A hint of almond enhances the juicy, fresh baked apples, while flaky pie crust, vanilla, and a caramel drizzle round out the base. 

Java Bean - Enjoy the warmth of fresh brewed coffee in the air offering a comforting, and familiar fragrance. Top notes of just-ground coffee beans start this scent off strong, while a touch of sugar and cream add the perfect amount of sweetness. 

North Country - Nothing says high country living more than this fragrance - a complex blend of typical Frasier or Douglas Fir with a bright note of citrus. Infused with natural essential oils including cedarwood and pine. Encompassing evergreen, spruce, cinnamon, cypress, lemon, moss, musk and sandalwood.

Peppermint Mocha - Our Peppermint Mocha fragrance is a chocolatey delight for your senses. This signature drink fragrance blends decadent chocolate and peppermint into an irresistible treat. Notes of peppermint and a hint of coconut milk blend with rich chocolate and creamy vanilla. This fragrance oil is infused with natural essential oils, including mentha arvensis.

Pumpkin & Spice -  Nothing says the fall season more than this fragrance that is bursting with the aroma of baked pumpkin delights!  Delicious notes of butter, sugar, and spices complete this irresistible bakery fragrance. Infused with ginger, cinnamon, brown sugar, molasses, pumpkin in a base of nutmeg, clove and all spice.

Relax It's Bamboo - Overflowing with the natural softness reminiscent of a tranquil bamboo forest. Offering notes of green florals, crisp green leaves, and beautifully grounded by touches of wood and vanilla.  Lemon, eucalyptus and cedarwood essential oils add layer of depth to this complex, yet relaxing fragrance.

Roasted Marshmallow - This scent captures the nostalgia of an evening campfire after a day of autumnal adventure. Crisp notes of ozone and eucalyptus simulate an evening chill, followed by a strong heart of marshmallow and sugar roasting over a base of embers, oak, and smoke.

Sea Salt & Orchid - An elegant and relaxing spa blend of soft floral essence and calming notes of jasmine, sweet cream, wood and musk. This fragrance is infused with natural essential oils including orange oil making it slightly fruity.

Secret Garden - A beautiful floral fragrance that smells like walking into your own Secret Garden!  A delightful aroma of fresh flowers offering the subtle notes of green florals with a heart of lilac, lily, rose, jasmine and ylang ylang.  Simply amazing!

Spiced Apple A scent comprised of ripe apples and bright fruit notes with a touch of spice, this scent has year round appeal. The fragrance oil is infused with natural cinnamon, nutmeg, clove, orange, and cedarwood essential oils.

Spicy Chai - This fragrance offers the essence of a steaming mug of this much loved, and centuries old, beverage. Top notes of cinnamon, cardamom, and orange peel awaken the heart of rich cream and spicy peppercorn, while notes of rejuvenating black tea and sweet vanilla round out the base. 

Strawberry Dream - With notes of fresh strawberries, vanilla, sweetened shortbread, and lots of whipped cream make this classic true to life and irresistible. This fragrance is infused with natural essential oils, including orange.

Witches' BrewAnother classic Fall scent!  With festive spirit and good cheer this fragrance brings a warm and inviting blend of oranges, lemons, apple spice, and cranberries. Infused with natural essesntial oils including orange oil, cedarwood oil and buchu oil. Additonal notes of applice spice, cinnamon, cranberry also prevail.



Candlemazing Tealights candlemazing.com

  • Unscented, fragrance free
  • Natural Soy tealights are hand poured in small batches
  • These tealights are Eco friendly, made with natural cotton/paper wicks
  • Poured into clear plastic tealight cups are made with UL approved flame retardant plastic, and are recyclable
  • Each tealight produces a clean burn lasting approximately 5 to 6 hours.


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