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Our company is based in Arizona, we believe in products that enhance our lives, our pets lives, sustain good health, and in those products that are overall healthy for us.  We are dedicated to bringing products to our customers that encourage a healthier lifestyle.

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 As for me, nothing warms my heart more than the warm natural glow from the flame of a real candle flickering on a dark rainy day, or any other time for that matter!  Years ago, I found my passion in making candles.  Over time I have made many types of candles such as pillars, votives, molded candles, tapers, container, sand candles, and even candles made with ice cubes.  

Before I found the benefits of making candles with soy wax, I used mostly different types of paraffin wax.  After making paraffin candles for many years, it wasn't until I experienced computer problems and realized that the soot from the candles I was burning in my home at the time had built up inside my computer, and caused problems due to the chemicals in the paraffin wax.  I quickly realized that I was also breathing the same toxic soot into my lungs.  About the same time, soy wax was beginning to be a popular alternative.  After learning more about soy, I switched from paraffin and started experimenting with soy wax, making candles that not only burn cleaner, but are made from sustainable resources which are better for us and our environment. 

(Please see our ‘Candles, Waxes, and Scents’ page for information on our waxes, scents and wicks),

We believe we have created a beautiful line of soy candles that will surely bring that clean, warm, enchanting glow to your environment as well. 

I hope you will be as pleased as we are with all of our products, and please contact me whenever you have questions, comments or concerns regarding them.  

Email: info@candlemazing.com

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Patricia Walters, Owner

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