Marbled Soy Candles, Several Fragrances to Choose from...

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Fun and artistic marbled soy candles, an interesting way to enjoy your candle light! Each candle is different from the other, no two candles are exactly alike.  Each candle is poured with a two step method of first applying colored wax to the jar itself, and then pouring soy wax into the prepared jar to complete the candle.  As the candle burns down, the hot naturally white wax absorbs and mixes with the various colors from the interior of the jar and will change color as it burns.  Offered here in amazing new scents for you to try.

Currently available in a 7 ounce net weight, straight sided clear jars with screw on silver lids, several fragrances to choose from.  Each jar measures approximately 3.5 inches tall and 2.8 inches in diameter.  See our fragrance profile page to review each scent.

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